Review by Stephanie O'Neal - CTN, Administrative Assistant to the President

PAUL GARBER!!!! Oh my goodness…I finally had time to sit down and read…I read your book………WOW….your writing took me right into the book….I couldn’t put it down….my heart raced at points and I had to remind myself I wasn’t living it…does that make sense….WOW again….

Review by Christy Decker (Author)

This is a thought-provoking page turner! I very much enjoyed getting to know (and dislike) the Reverend David Randall - a man who is so lost, he doesn't even know it. I also love and appreciate the message Paul Garber gives us about the saving grace of Jesus. It is a necessary reminder for us all amid this entertaining tale. Great book!

Reviewed by Lisa McCombs for Readers' Favorite

David Randall knew his calling at a very young age. He was known for his gift of the gab and eloquent speech. And the boy could preach! While other children played t-ball, David, his twin brother, and their beautiful neighbor Mary practiced in the back yard what they heard from David’s own father while reenacting vigorous sermons laced with the dramatics of evangelism. It felt good. It felt right, and David was good at it. His confidence grew when he met Rabbi Segal, who came to David’s church and recognized the boy’s gift, helping David to evolve into a successful young televangelist. Money and prosperity flowed freely in David’s new world. Would his faith withstand the many temptations put before him?

Saved by Default: Confessions of a Televangelist, a novel by Paul Garber, is a wonderfully insightful story of evangelistic life. A rather tongue-in-cheek account of public ministry, this novel is certain to hit home with those who have fallen prey to the lure of the glittering world of Christian faith healing. Garber is quite blunt with the treatment of David Randall’s decisions once fame becomes his mainstay. It is not without sincere knowledge of the evangelistic lifestyle that Garber recounts this realistic version of big time religion. Multiple references to the sins of the secular world make this an entertaining, possibly disturbing look at what happens when society seeks to find the answers to the many questions surrounding God and His plans for us. I really enjoyed this book and wish Paul Garber much success in the publishing world.

Review by Sandy Hamman (author)

I loved this book with its fresh, original story line. I met the author who has an extensive background in religious radio and television broadcast. Only someone with this knowledge could write a book with such detail and believability. The story starts with the protagonist, David Randall, as a young boy who discovers his rare talent for preaching. His intentions start out as pure and good, but along the way he allows his work to become tainted bit by bit like a body of water that gradually becomes polluted until it's too late. I found myself simultaneously resenting and cheering for Reverend David. I highly recommend this for anyone looking for a good book club read.

Note: Sandy and her husband Phil have written a best seller, "Gitchie Girl: The Survivor's Inside Story of the Mass Murders that Shocked the Heartland." I highly recommend this true story as a five star read. - Paul Garber

Review by Dr. George Flattery (Missionary and Founder of International Correspondence Institute)

. You are a spectacular writer! I believe the thing that you want the reader to see comes through in the book. Even the key figure is surprised by what God does. The Postscript says a lot that should be said. As I read the Scripture at the beginning of each chapter, you have the feeling that the preacher is distorting what the Scripture actually says, although in some cases God does his work in spite of the preacher. Because we worked with many of the same people you did it is hard not to see some of them in what you write. However, I believe the composite approach was best.

Review by Pastor Karl Strader (Retired pastor of Carpenter's Home Church)

I just finished your book. About middle ways through, I became "quite angry"; I suppose for the same reasons that you were "angry"!

Most pastors neglect to tell their parishioners the negative aspects of the Bible, because it does affect church attendance and people's giving. In my latest book, "All the Promises of God" I included the "negative" promises, as well as the "positive" promises, which no other book on the market does. But if we are to declare the "whole" counsel of God, we must include both!

Your book is well written, and I appreciate your sharing it with me.

Irene Onorato (author)

Although a work of fiction, Saved by Default reads like a autobiographical tale of a modern-day televangelist who gets caught up in the glitz and glitter of fame and deceives himself into believing he's doing a grand work for God. The story is a graphic reminder of the truth: Be sure your sin will find you out.

Review by Ookiewookie (Amazon Customer)

Although a work of fiction, Saved by Default reads like a autobiographical tale of a modern-day televangelist who gets caught up in the glitz and glitter of fame and deceives himself into believing he's doing a grand work for God. The story is a graphic reminder of the truth: Be sure your sin will find you out.

Review by Sandy

I had to take a moment to tell you how much I am enjoying your book. This is truly one of the best books I've ever read. I think it is a jewel just waiting to be discovered by the masses. You are an incredibly talented author.

Sandy - goodreads

Review by an Amazon Customer

Fascinating. My husband and I could not put the book down. The sad and scary fact is that you will see people you know (perhaps). The story helps give you the courage to truly look at ministries to discover if indeed they are legitimate, or merely emotional ploys to manipulate you. Fictional character, David Randall, comes alive to show you how anointed he is, how important his ministry is. Discussion questions are included to make this a great book for book clubs.

Review by Jan

Well..............IMHO.......:-)...............I enjoyed it after he left the trailer park......up to that point I found it depressing and it grieved my spirit - I think mostly because of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit of the Brownsville revival that I have personally experienced. Even tho he and the publisher made it clear this was a work of fiction I knew he was stating reality and that made me sick. After the trailer park departure I thought it was a beautiful example of love and his author's note at the end was beautiful.

Jan - Pensacola

Comment by a retired missionary

I couldn't put the book down. Really enjoyed it. I remember being in some of those situations.

A retired missionary -

Review by an Amazon Customer

Paul Garber takes us on a fictionalized, but reality-based, journey of the rise, fall, and redemption of a man representing himself as an agent of God, but having been seduced by ego, wealth, fame, and greed. Opportunities present themselves which seem too good to be true, but ultimately bring his evangelistic television ministry crashing down, shattering many lives as a result. Then, into the ashes of total defeat, two arms are extended, one of a loving father and one of a Savior, and a true miracle results.

An Amazon Customer -

Review by Carol Williams

Looking for a good novel that is a quick and engaging read? Look no further! Paul Garber's Saved By Default is that and much more. With sugical precision, Paul cuts through the layers and exposes the roots of the cancer of spiritual bancruptcy that plagues many ministries. The fictional charcter of the Right Reverend David S. Randall and DREAM open our eyes to shenanigans that have immediate and eternal consequences. The commitment to my family's spiritual needs was renewed, as was the need to be more dependant on God for discernment.

Carol Williams -

Review by Denise Johnson

I received your book yesterday afternoon. I started reading it at bedtime, intending to read about an hour. I could not put it down. I read it through the last page of Appendix B, in one sitting.

There were so many portions that made me remember my childhood, even down to the songs and characters! 😇 I had to chuckle at times. Same characters, different names...especially Sister Effie. Haha. I'm sure I recognized some of the evangelists as well.

I laughed, got frustrated and even angry at times. Reading your postscript I cried, wishing I could go back to when my girls were young and have a re-do.

The novel touched me in many ways. Thank you for sharing it with me. It reminded me of God's amazing grace to me. I pray it will reach and touch many lives.

Denise Johnson - Winston-Salem, N.C.

Review by Herman Bailey

With my background in Christian TV, this novel completely resonated with me. Over 34 years encountering all kinds of Charismatics, I’ve questioned my faith walk. Why am I not radical like most I have interviewed? This novel helps answer that question.

I now feel I am a radically normal Christian.

Herman Bailey -
CTN Executive Producer “It’s Time” with Herman and Sharon

As you read my book, it is important that you keep in mind that God doesn't need our help to prove himself. He is the God of all creation, the God who saves and heals, the God who is the same Yesterday, Today, and Forever!"

Timothy Flynn Testimony

It is amazing how God keeps opening new doors for us on the way to accomplishing His destiny for us. I had the opportunity this summer to go on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic. We were praying for the sick and a man came to me with his hand over his left eye. I thought he was blind in that eye. When he

Tim Flynn

removed his hand and I looked at him, I realized that he didn’t have a left eye! He just had an eye socket cavity that had a very small growth in the back. I laid my hand over the eye socket and asked God for a miracle eye. When I removed my hand there an eye much smaller than his other eye. A translator asked him if he could see anything. He excitedly responded that he could see light and movement. I believe that God is a God of creation but he is also a God of completion. I told him that I was going to pray that God would complete what he had obviously started. We prayed a second time and when I removed my hand again God had given him a new eye that tracked perfectly with his other eye. Instructing him to cover his right eye, I held up one finger and asked him what he could see a second time. He said he saw my hand and responded to 1, 2, 3, 4 fingers. God had given him a miracle!

Timothy Flynn
Television producer and pioneer in Christian television.